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About XIPA

Effective communicative and performance skills are life-enhancing and they should be within reach of us all. XIPA exists to promote and foster the best possible performance arts skills through assessment, content, and training that is innovative, personal and authentic. At XIPA we believe that everyone should have opportunities for personal growth through arts. We believe that music, dance, drama, and literature helps people to make sense of their lives and that the quality of those lives may be profoundly influenced or even determined by interpersonal communication. We acknowledge and celebrate the power of music, language and movement, and the potency of performance At XIPA we encourage music both Indian and western along with other forms of performing arts through its examinations by providing a framework for imaginative teaching and effective earning to an accredited qualification.


Learn the art of playing an instrument, singing, dancing or dramatics At St. Xavier’s Institute of Performing Arts (XIPA) we train and encourage children and adults in all of the art forms including learning to play an instrument, sing, dance, theatre or dramatics. Students will be prepared for the music exams that are conducted by Trinity College, London for theory as well as practicals. St. Xavier’s Institute of Performing Arts also organizes workshops and concerts for students to gain more knowledge and exposure in instruments and vocals. It also prepares them to participate in various competitions organized on the national level. Our Mission is not just to train students in the mentioned arts but to build a college of arts that is one of it’s kind the country for artists of all kinds to grow globally.


The overall development of a person encompasses a number of areas beyond mere academics. With this in mind St., Xaviers Institute of Performing Arts proposes to focus on the creative side of individual development with special emphasis on music, dance, drama, and speech. Our vision is to provide a stage for artists of all kinds to come, learn, educate and get them enough exposure to succeed in their respective art forms.


Why Choose XIPA to Learn Music & Other Performing Arts?

  • Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable Faculty
  • A Rich Music Library
  • Exotic Books Collection
  • Latest Techniques in Digital & Sound Recording
  • A Dedicated Personality Development Cell
  • An in-house Auditorium
  • Live Performance Exposure