St. Xavier’s Institute of Performing Arts

Clear graded examinations

Get trained to clear graded examinations and diplomas in performing arts, musical instruments, theory of music and composing all of which are completely accredited by Trinity College London.

Learn from experts

All XIPA instructors and examiners are professionals in their respective fields. They pay dedicated attention individually by creating a positive environment for you to demonstrate your talents to your full potential.


Trinity graded exams are recognised officially by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and by education authorities worldwide. XIPA organizes expert workshops and events that give regular exposure.


Institute of Performing Arts

Learn the art of playing an instrument, singing, dancing or dramatics at St. Xavier’s Institute of Performing Arts (XIPA).

Students are prepared for the music exams conducted by Trinity College, London for theory as well as practicals. St. Xavier’s Institute of Performing Arts organizes workshops and concerts for students on a regular basis to gain more knowledge and exposure in instruments and vocals. It also prepares them to participate in various competitions organized on the national level.

XIPA corporate programs are available for music education, inter-school music competitions, music production and also teachers training for teaching music. With standard learning syllabus taught by industry professionals, XIPA is the only institute in India providing these sorts of programs. 


Cutting edge music education

You will have obtained a wide knowledge of music from various parts of the world apart from learning various styles of Indian and Western Music.  You will gain an in-depth understanding of a wide range of popular musical instruments.  You will learn the science of fusion of two or more styles of music without damaging the originality or violating the basic rules of each style.  You will study the evolution of music with respect to various historical time frames.  You will experience the reality of new age digital sounds and music. The professional course deals with the technical and modern aspects of music such as studio recording, sound engineering, use of various sounds, music software and audio-visual techniques.  St. Xaviers Institute of Performing Arts basically equips you to make a difference as a musician of the future genre. 


Remarkable drama and speech training

St. Xavier’s Institute of Performing Arts offers an unmatched choice of new and updated qualifications for students and teachers of Acting, Communications Skills, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts, Speech and Drama, at all levels of experience and abilities. Our syllabus provides a structured framework to encourage the exponential development of integrated performance and communication skills in solo, pairs, and groups.  XIPA prepares you for solo and pair graded exams and diplomas offered by Trinity College, London. These are fully recognized globally by Ofqual. All of the drama exams allow candidates free-choice for performing pieces that focus on their strengths, interests or complement an existing curriculum.

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